Dr.Agasiev Arif Araz oglu


Head research scientist
Semiconductor Physics Division
Institute for Physical Problems
Phone: 439 06 93


  • Was born in September 16th 1941 year in Seidli village, Khudat region
  • Got his secondary education at school district in 1959 year.


  • 1965-1968: Physics Faculty, BSU, student
  • 1973: Ph.D.: Semiconductors and dielectrics Physics, thesis “Preparation and Electrophysical Properties of Sulfoiodide and Antimony Sulfide Films”, Physics Faculty, Baku State University
  • 1995: Dr/Sci, Solid State Physics, thesis “Formation and Electrophysical Properties of Complex Metal-Oxide Films”, Physics Faculty, Baku State University


  • 2005: Head research scientist, Semiconductors Physics, BSU
  • 1992-2005: Head research scientist, Semiconductors Physics Lab., BSU
  • 1987-1992: Chief research scientist, Semiconductors Physics Lab., BSU
  • 1982-1987: Senior research scientist, Semiconductors Physics Lab., BSU
  • 1979-1982: Teacher of Physics, Algiers Institute of Oil and Gas, Algeria
  • 1969-1973: Junior research scientist, Semiconductors Physics Lab., BSU
  • 1968-1969: Engineer-research scientist, Semiconductors Physics Lab., BSU


  • Obtaining of Thin Complex metal-oxide films by the method of magnetron ion sputtering in d.c.


  • XII International Conference on Solid State, Cairo, Egypt, June 2-5, 1989.
  • III All-Union Conference on Physico-Chemical Basis of Ferroelectric and Related Materials Technology. Moscow, October 24-28, 1988.
  • XII European Conference on Studying the Surface, Stockholm, Sweden, September 9-12, 1991.
  • I All-Union Symposium "Electron Diffraction Methods in Studying the Substance Structure". Moscow, 1991.
  • V Republican Scientific Conference. Baku, October 22-24, 1992.
  • Sallite konf. Of the XXX annual meeting of the euor plan High Pres Res Group Phys of Multicom ponent Semicond, 12 October, 1992
  • Türk Fizik Dernegi 18 Fizik Kongresi 25-28 Ekim Çukurova Universiteti-Adana, 1993, p.213
  • Abstaracte of VII Guter Conf-on Solid films and surfaces Gaivan, 1996
  • 35th InRal congress, 14-19 august, Istambul, 1995
  • XXIV Conference of EGMRS, Safaqa, Egypt, 22-26 fevral, 2004
  • TPE-2006 Tzird İnternat. Conferense on Technical and Physical Problems in Power Engineering, 29-31 may, 2006, Ankara, Turkey, p.662-664.


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