Prof. Niftalı M. Godjaev

Head of the division “Theoretical Physics”,
Institute for Physical Problems
Phone: (+99412) 4390305

  • He was born 18th of October in 1936 in a small town Goherchin which is in Dilican region of West Azerbaijan ( Now Armenia). In 1953 he finished his secondary education with honours degree.
  • 2003: D. Sc., Thesis:” Theoretical Conformational Analysis of Tripsine Ingibitor and Its conformational and electron aspects of the interaction with tripsin molecule”, Faculty of Physics, Baku State University
  • 1979: Professor
  • 1967: Associate professor
  • 1963: Ph.D., Thesis: “Reduplication of Deoxyribonucleic acids molecule and some problems of its kinetics and thermodynamics”, High Compounds Institute, Academy of Sciences of USSR, Sankt- Petersburg
  • 1959-1962: postgraduate student, High Compounds Institute, Academy of Sciences of USSR, Sankt-Petersburg
  • 1958: M. Sc., (with highest honors), Department of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Physics, Baku State University
  • From 1953 to 1958: student, Faculty of Physics, Baku State University
  • From 11.2005 to present: Head of the Division “Theoretical Physics”, Institute for Physical Problems, BSU
  • From 1998 to present: president of Azerbaijan Biophysics Association
  • From 1980 to 2005: Head of the Molecular Biophysics Research Laboratory, BSU
  • From 1968 to 1984: Head of the Department of Optics and Molecular Physics, Faculty of Physics, BSU
  • From 1966 to 1968 Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Physics, Faculty of Physics, BSU
  • From 1965 to 1967: Dean of the “Experience Increasement of University Teachers” Faculty
  • From 1964 to 1966: Senior lecturer, Department of Optics and Molecular Physics, Faculty of Physics, BSU
  • From 1963 to 1964: Lecturer, Department of Optics and Molecular Physics, Faculty of Physics, BSU
  • Author of the 182 scientific articles, 10 monographs, 9 manuals
  • He participated in 133 conferences, symposiums and Seminars
  • Teaching experience:
  • “Mechanics”, “Molecular Physics, “Optics”, “Matter structure” , “Molecular forces”, “Biophysics”.
  • Header and consultant: 23 scientific works ph degree. and doctors of sciences
  • Awards: American Medal of Honor of American Biographical İnstitute ( 2003\2005)
  • Theoretical modeling of the spatial organization of proteins, peptides, antibiotics
  • Investigation of the structure-functional relationship of biologically active molecules.
  • Revealing the new, more potent analogues of the investigated molecules by the point mutation and substitutions of amino acids in their primary structures
  • 2008, October, Minsk, Byelorussia; III International conference on chemistry, structure and function of biomolecules
  • 2008, August – September, Opatija, Groatia; XXIX Europian Congress on Molecular Spectroscopy
  • 2008, April, Moscow, Russia; ХV Russian Congress “Human and Drug”
  • 2006, October, Minsk, Byelorussia; II International conference on chemistry, structure and function of biomolecules
  • 2005, May, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; II Russian Symposium on chemistry and biology of peptides"
  • 2005, March, Sorrento, Italy; International Conference AD/PD-2005
  • 2005, Montpellier, France; 15th IUAP and 5th EBSA International Biophysics Congress.
  • 2004, October, Moscow, Russia; International Conference on Physical-chemical biology"
  • 2002, October, Istanbul, Turkey; 28th International Meeting of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies.
  • 2001, August, Moscow, Russia; 4th International Conference on Biological Physics.
  • 2000, October, Nagoya, Japan; 37th Japanese Peptide Symposium (JPS)
  • 2000, May, Erzurum, Turkey; International Symposium on Physics of Atom and Molecule (AMF- 2000)
  • 1999, September, Baku; Second International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Applications.
  • 1998, Turkey, II Ulusal Atom ve Molecular Fizik Symposium, 1998, Turkey.
  • 1997, Istanbul, International symposium on Lasers, Atomic and Molecular Physics, LAMP 97.
  • 1996, March, Antalya, Turkey; XIII National (with International participation) Biochemistry Congress
  • 1996, July, Jerusalem, Israel; V World Congress of Theoretically oriented Chemists, WATOC-96.
  • 1995,September, Nevshehir, Turkey; 9th Meeting of the Mediterranean Blood club.
  • 1995, August, Istanbul, Turkey; VI International Seminar on inclusion compounds,
  • 1995, November, Ankara, Turkey; Eurasian Symposium on Current Trends in Biotechnology,
  • 1995, June, Erice, Italia; 22nd Conference on crystallography of supramolecular compounds, NATO advanced study Institute
  • 1995, Istanbul, Turkey; 35th IUPAC Congress.
  • 1995, April, Boston, USA; V Conference of the study of disorders of iron metabolism.
  • 1994, September, Istanbul, Turkey; VI International Biophysics Congress
  • 1993, May, Ankara, Turkey; Chemical Physics II
  • 1993, Israel; IV International Conference on Hematosis and Clinical problem in iron metabolism.
  • 1989, Australia; IX International Conference on Protein, Iron transport and Storage.
  • 1988, Split, Yugoslavia, 6th congress of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Physiology (FESPP).
  • 1987, September, Hamburg, Germany; 3rd International Congress on hormones and Cancer.
  • 1987, Sofia, Bulgaria; International Symposium on Mineral Nutrion and Photosynthesis
  • 1986, Pushino, Russia; All-union Conference “Structural aspects of the biological activity”
  • 1985, August, Amsterdam, Netherland; 13th International Congress of Biochemistry.
  • 1984, December, Leningrad; The systems of brain and non-brain peptides
  • 1982, June, Vilnius, Lithuania; УI Symposium on intermolecular interactions and conformations of molecules
  • 1982, Moscow, Russia; I All-union Biophysical Congress
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